April 24th, 2002

devil girl


Yes. Squishy. A term my room mate used. Will be explained in a moment. Rough day, bad day. GAAAAAHHHHHH.
After work, came home, made plans with D. Yes, I know none of you know who he is...die of curiosity :P. Suffice to say, I have a 'date' of sorts on Sunday. Then off to dinner and shopping, dinner on the roomie. We went to Joanna's for crafty things. I got some glass painting kits with roses and a little latch hook. Never thought I'd do that, but it'll keep my hands busy while watching tv or something. Its a cute lil puppy. Hit Outback for dinner....hence, squishy. LOTS of food..enough for 2 other meals I think. Yuuuummmmyyyyy.
Squishy....we both had drinks....squishy. Get it? Good.
Oh! Got the movies from Netflix today. Yay! Have Along Came a Spider, Black Cauldron and Midnight Panthers. I haven't seen Black Cauldron in ages...so, we're watching it now. We have a phone!!! And it works. Stopped by Freddie's, got phones...now have one with caller id for the bedroom. And...she can access dial up. Woot! Hopefully soon we'll have things networked.
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devil girl

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Tyr and I have talked..and worked things out. No, we aren't back together. But, he's offered me some closure and understanding. I no longer feel like I'm riding a roller coaster of emotion. Yes, it still hurts..but, I feel like I can move on now. I understand why he did what he did. We can be friends, even through the hurt, because I know this. I won't go into his reasons here, if he wants them known, he can post them or comment on them. (btw, I hope you do still use your journal sometimes :P). I know that he wants to be part of my life, just not in the way I want him to be. And, that's okay. I can cope with that. We've talked more on IM today than we have in awhile...and it seems the talking has come easier. So, maybe this was best...for both of us.
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