April 27th, 2002

devil girl

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I'm coloring my hair at the moment, so thought I would pass the time by updating :)
Last night I went with Bryan to see Scorpion King. It was decent...don't go expecting deep plot or anything, but its a fun movie. A modern day cheesy Conan flick *grin* After that it was to the bookstore and Denny's. Interesting crowd there. It was fun to just kick back and chit chat over some mozz sticks and a sundae.
Today was the Tarot class. I took Bryan home, and he showed me where Gallaria's is. That's where I'm going for dinner tomorrow, so I thought it would be good to know where it is ;) Tarot class was informative as always, she gave us a little 'trick' to tieing the cards together. I'm still not quite there, but the info helped. We did the Celtic cross lay-out today. I almost bought a new deck, one I've been looking at for a bit but never really looked at in detail. The Rahrig deck. *whistles* Beautiful. I want it. I have to go back tomorrow. I love the death card in it. I'll post the reading that was for me in my other journal - soultrippin.
Bryan and I talked a bit about the God influences in my life. He told me that he sees Hades, Ta (I think that's how its spelled) and Geb as having 'hands out' for me. Hades and Ta make sense for me, Ta is the Egyptian God of words. Very fitting. Hades also makes sense, I'm given to bouts of wondering about my mortality. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to die, but I am often curious about death, or more accurately, what comes after. I know that I will die sometime, and honestly, I'm not afraid of death. I'll admit, I'm afraid of what comes after, only because I don't really know. But, Hades too is very fitting. The lady at the store told me she has a link for a place that teaches Egyptain mythology and pantheon. I have to email her...I could learn a lot from that place, no doubt :)