May 5th, 2002

devil girl

My Beltaine

So, I had Friday off ...for a personal day as well as there was something I wanted to do. I went to a Beltaine celebration down in Tacoma. I took Bryan down, the church was easy to find. We managed to have a bit of spare time and to find a slaveway (whew!) to buy food and eatery at. It's a good thing we went with 24 pieces of chicken instead of 12!! Lots more people there than we were thinking.
The ritual was done in honor o Dragons as well as Beltaine. It went beautifully! The High Priestess did a wonderful job. The Dragon song was sung during the ritual, and there was a story for the kids. During the story they were showing pictures the kids had colored, it was so cute! Then there was a little play about Dragons and the power and wisdom of them. After that, there was a nice meditation. I'll expand more on that I think in my other journal. The meditation was a bit too quick for me, so I didn't get a chance to really visualize or anything, but that's alright.
When the circle was closed, we all went downstairs to eat. Got to talk some to oblivia then :) It was a high energy rit....I was able to feel it. Oh! During part of the Rit, the microphone went feedback, but no one was standing near it. That was during the spiral dance, which was done right after the closing of the circle. That was fun!
After the potluck, there was a somewhat impromptu drum circle. The man who was drumming...let's just say, yummy! Nice arm muscles...and he had a few girls vieing for his attention ;) He played up to us all pretty well too. Learned his name....*evil lil angel grin* And have little to no doubt that I'll bump into him now and again in the future. It was definately Beltaine! LOL
I had a wonderful time...and even staggered a bit from the energy. Mental note to self: must learn to ground! Bryan was having a wonderful time with that...heh. After all that, we picked up bonzo boy...and well, bonzo boy 2. Hit the Shari's and had an interesting conversation there. Played with the Tarot decks a bit. I swear...if he calls me cute one more time when he's punchy...*smirks* any rate, that was Friday :) Very much a good day..and a wonderful, heady night!