May 7th, 2002

devil girl

Things never seem to go quite as planned...

What did onyx not get accomplished boys and girls? That's right, her dishes. And why you ask? Because the garbage disposal broke. Generally this isn't a big issue..water still runs, sink still drains, dishes possible. However, this is not the case. Oh, the water runs, and the sink drains...sort of. I have to wait at least a minute between each dish for the water to clear out of the sink, or it builds up. *sigh* I have a counter full of dishes that I now can not wash. No dishwasher (still) either. Grrrr. I called the landlady last night, left her a message, and of yet, have not heard back from her. Figures.
On the other hand, I did get the living room a little picked up, some of the garbage taken out, did some grocery shopping, cooked dinner and even put it away, got myself lunch together for today. Didn't do laundry though, that will be done tonight, at least a little of it. All in all, not terribly bad. Could have been better..biggest frustration is the kitchen. I weighed myself...220, which is about 5 lbs less than I thought. Wooo. I stayed below my points, and even earned a few extra. Go me!
devil girl

Must find out how to start one....bwahahahaha....

If i was a serial killer i would be Charles Manson.

Charles Manson... the only serial killer that faces life in prison, yet never actually killed anyone.

Manson believed that by starting a cult, and manipulating his followers with drugs and mental suggestion he would get them to think he was the next messiah, and force them into doing anything he said, he was right.

One night in the Hollywood hills, Manson set out his minions to attack the home of the head of a record label that rejected his work years back. That night they murdered 5 people one of which was Sharon Tate who was also eight months pregnant at the time. Shooting and stabbing their victims repeatedly and smearing the words "Die Pig Die", and "Helter Skelter" over the walls.

Manson thought that by doing these killings that it would start a race war between blacks and whites. He also believed that the Beatles wrote many of their songs for and about him.

kill count: 5

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