May 11th, 2002

devil girl

My birthday

Went rather well actually. I had a couple disappointments, but, it was rescued ;)
Had another date with D. (Now that I know you read my journal, I hope you don't mind the reference). He took me to a little cafe on the hill. Don't ask because I can barely remember the name of it, much less spell it. It was a nice little place, kinda cozy. We had a lovely dinner, and delicious dessert. I had linguine with cheese sauce and bacon (there went my WW points! lol) and for dessert a piece of strawberry cake. Yum.
After dinner we stopped by the Crypt and looked around a little. Found a pretty little velvet collar with silver buckles and rings that I like. Its got a nice solid backing, leather I think. It wasn't terribly expensive, so I'll keep it in mind. :) Its small enough that I coud wear it and it would fit me. He drove me home after that, and came inside. It was nice just spending time with him on the couch. Though my cat kept making sure to interfere *snrf* It was nice being a little cuddly though..and we watched LA Blue Girl, which he seemed to be amused by :) I know its my favorite tenticle sex flick ;) He was amused by my roomie too, I think (and really, who isn't? *grins*). It was a very lovely evening, and I very much appreciate the time spent with him. A very happy birthday indeed.