May 13th, 2002

devil girl

Some days I think the universe is aligned against me....

Today your continuing progress might slow up a bit. Problems with
computers, telephones, cellular phones, fax machines, or other forms of
modern technological equipment might interrupt your work day at some
point, Jessica. This might be very frustrating and irritating, and
though you don't usually blow your top, today you might be sorely
tempted. Try to keep your cool, as this should pass by tomorrow. You
don't want to make those around you more upset than they already are!

Ha! That's my horrorscope for the day. If only they knew just how accurate that is. *sigh* I have a trouble ticket in on my computer because one of the major programs I use isn't loaded on there anymore. Stupid ghosting. That, and I spent half and hour before my shift trying to get logged onto everything. Feh. Yeah. Sure. Now that I've moved desks, I've finally got aim up, but not yahoo. On the bright side, I didn't have msn before and now I do. All you lucky people can now plague me with messages. *smirk*
I hate moving desks..this one's so empty, and nothing I need is here. Hopefully today they'll install the program I need so I can go get my own computer set up. *grumble* Monday hell....
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devil girl

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I will never understand why people bother to tell me they've been on hold for 'quite some time'. What? You want me to tell you where to find sympathy in the dictionary? Sucks to wait your turn.