May 26th, 2002

devil girl

Time for the weekend up date...

Yes, here we are again. I'm horrible at keeping this updated on a day-to-day basis on the weekend. Ya'll will forgive me and/or suffer I suppose. *smirk*
Its Sunday, I'm tired and my house is still a mess. What was my #1 priority over the weekend? Yes, that's do what I didn't do. GAH. And I have company tomorrow. *sigh* Well, there's still time before bed. Yes, that's it. Laundry tomorrow or Tuesday. Why doesn't it ever seem to get done???? In the meantime, my bedroom door will be closed. No peeking!
Finally decided to jump onto the Sea-Goth board and actually (gasp) post! Oh my, what a brave little girl I am. *smirks more* Its been..entertaining ;) So far, so good.
Not sure I'd mentioned it before, but I'd run into a friend of mine that I hadn't seen in years at the Spot. Ran into him again on Thursday...and now have him on IM. Bwhahahahaha! It's actually been pretty cool being in touch with him again, though we don't seem to talk well on aim. Real life is always much better anyway :)
So...Friday. Yeah. The beginning. Went to Bennihana's. FUN!! Got to meet a couple of Bryan's co-workers. (Can I just way one of them was...YUM...too bad he's attached and prefers men *sigh*) They were flipping me shit most of the night..and the other couple that shared the table with us started it. *blushes and ahems* I'm an angel. I swear. Shoulda seen my ninja chopstick move though....if it had been porcelin, it woulda killed him *grins* After dinner, I brought Bryan back here and it was pretty much standard watch tv and gab stuffs.
Saturday - Got up early and brought the cats in for their shots. Finally. It only cost me $18 for the two of them, not bad. I take them in next Friday to be fixed (Yay!!). That's gonna cost a pretty penny, but it'll be worth it. Finally called Jiffy Lube to see about getting the fuel filter on my car fixed before it leaves me somewhere. $50, not bad, but not doable at this moment either. Grrr. Picked up bonzo boy in the afternoon and spent some time watching Farscape on dvd. I love that show...4 years later, I finally get to see the 1st episode. Later that night we went to the club. It was his first night, so it was good that it was quiet. I had an enjoyable time, he was a little out of place..but I think that will change when he gets to know people. Mmmn...I got accosted (happily so, mind you) by "Mr. Dangerous" (as I've dubbed him for my own personal reasons and fantasies *grin*) ....and been threatened now with blue body paint *blink* Don't ask...suffice it to say, I'll never look at the smurfs in quite the same light again. *begins singing "La, la, lalala, la, lala, la"* And no, ye shall not be dubbed Pappa Smurf.
Today I went with Bryan and bonzo to see Seattle Knights. I've decided that before I leave for CA, that I'm going to learn how to beat people with swords! *smirks* No, really. I'd love to learn how to sword fight. Imagine me with a broadsword...(run people run) It was a blast, and the people looked like they were a fun group. I've been thinking about maybe learning the jousting too...but I'm not real inclined to be knocked off a horse, thankyouverymuch. For now, I think I'll stick with the live steel. When I'm in CA I'll work the Ren Faire (yay!). I'd be so in my element. I always did maintain that I was born in the wrong era.
Well, I suppose I should go clean the corner of the apartment that Bear's decided is his *growl*.....I don't have tomorrow off like you lucky people.....