May 28th, 2002

devil girl

More randomness, and events of the night

Well, I'm sitting here staring at a blue tv screen and considering putting in the 2nd tape of Crying Freeman. Why haven't I? Well, tragically, I seem to be glued to the beast machine. Yes, that would be the puter. Will someone find the unbonding agent? *smirks* Hyper focusing...rarely a good thing.
So, what has my attention? Well, a few IMs. Okay, 2 to be exact, both of which seemed to have dropped off at the moment. My email and the Sea-Goth board. I've been mostly lurking tonight, though I did have some earlier activity. Interesting and involved reads on some of it. Complex people...and I find myself wondering once again why things have to be so complicated. That though is another thought for another day I think....I'm not in the frame of mind to elaborate on that. Besides, its not like I haven't made my share of things complicated. Take this shyness, yeah...well, it doesn't need to be so complicated to overcome, yet oddly it is. *shrugs*
I've been sufficiently distracted...and have now forgotten where I was going with this. I have, in the interim, put on the 2nd tape of Crying Freeman, but I think I need to watch it a bit closer. I'm a little lost on this . Hmn. Good thing it belongs to Rob and its here.
Well, D was over tonight, for a little bit. we ended up going out for dinner. I still owe him a cooked meal :) He didn't really want to wait until the ktichen was clean. I'll work on it this week, and hopefully have him over again so I can actually cook for him. Heh. We went to Winners down here by the mall. It was quite tasty, and the evening was, as usual, very lovely.
devil girl


Short term goals: (things to do in the next week or so & next paycheck)

1. Rent
2. Cats fixed (approx $100 for both)
3. Flea meds (approx $40)
4. Car fixed (approx $75)
5. Cell phone
6. House clean
7. Laundry done & put away (all of it)
8. Call to cancel AOL
9. Call to cancel gym
10. Stick to WW program/points (I've been HORRIBLE at that the last couple weeks)

Longer term goals:

1. Seattle Knights academy
2. Visit CA - Possibly Sept
3. Save for moving
4. Go through belongings - get rid of anything not wanted/needed
5. Fix credit history
6. Find a martial arts class for Kendo or similarily interesting class