June 3rd, 2002

devil girl

My weekend...

Well, lets just say onyx is a happy lil angel *grins*

Saturday - went to the club, and had Helena with me. I got the painting done, but no pics :( Its okay though, it was a practice run, per him. I got to see it in the mirror, very very nice. People admired :) I think next time, we will make arrangements for pics so I can use it for a tatt pattern. I loved it. After that, I got to play with a wand *puuuuuurrrrrr* Of course, now there's a dragon shaped burn on my back :) The glycerin (I think that's what it was) in the paint conducted the electricity rather well. Its not bad, just a very mild one. I've had worse sun burns. It feels kinda nice actually. When the wand was done, the guy who did the painting on my back took a feather duster to my back. Other things used were: Chain (Yum, that felt really good just layed across my back), fur, leather, and claws..though those were just real light. *happy sigh* For the first time, I was drowsy at the club. I was freezing too....so, I got to curl up under the blanket and be drowsy. Wonder if that means I hit 'sub space'? I even had my first shower there, as I had to wash the paint off before it flaked off.
Today I went back to the club for the bondage night. I worked at the door. One of the girls ran her nails down my back...lots of burning squirmy pain. Mmn, it was good :) Oddly, I'm really not into pain in general..but I like the burning. I ended up on one of the futons most of the night with a 'release' headache. I think I relaxed so much over the weekend, my body didn't know what to do with it. By the time the night was over, I felt okay to drive..and it was actually more or less gone when I started this entry. Now I can feel it again.....must be bed time...
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