June 15th, 2002

devil girl

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Mmnn. Nice. Coffee. In my own home..brewed from my own machine. Yep, onyx bought a new one...and about damn time too. It has a timer on it, so I can have it all brewed upon waking up. Niiicccee. Of course, I brought home some good coffee..not the grocery store kind, though I will probably get some of that later. Stopped by Seattle's Best and got the beach blend...must say, I'm happy with it. I'm excited about the coffee machine ...so, I have no life :P
Last night I went to xmurf's for a party. Met some new people, discovered a new moo. Okay, well, was told about. Had a nice time. Came home, crawled into bed and passed out.
Today, I've done nothing so far. Except have coffee and play on the puter a bit ;) I should be doing laundry, but I think I'll wait. I may go down to Helena's work and see about contacts. I lost my last pair *sigh* I want colored ones too....but not sure I have enough. Gonna go pick her up from work anyway, I think...though she mentioned having Betta pick her up. We're gonna head up to the Spot so she can get a membership. I may go back up later...but we'll see how I feel.