July 3rd, 2002

devil girl

Yay! I have email again!

Okay, okay..I'll admit, I like the new set up for my email better. I'm still a bit frustrated - there's no address book yet, or at least mine gets 'fatal' errors. *mphs* The filters, though, are easier. And they work :) Or at least the 1 that I have set up. I checked my status with yahoo groups, they have it as 'normal', but the bounce history has soft bounces. I'm hoping that's okay, since I can't seem to find the friggen 'reset' button they keep telling me about. Alright...so, my email works..make me feel loved people! Email! *Grin*
devil girl

(no subject)

I used the last 20 minutes of my lunch to go lay down on a couch in a quiet room today, and I feel significantly refreshed. I'm considering doing this every day. This time I took a nap, but I could always bring a book. There's a timer in there, and that's nice because I can set it and 'forget'. I'm not as worn down as I usually am this time of day. Maybe I'll start taking my afternoon breaks in there too, if I can. What an improvement.