July 5th, 2002

devil girl

My 4th...

Went rather well actually. Nothing terribly exciting, no party. Just me, the cats, a couple movies, wine coolers, pizza and a phone call from Okinawa. So, perhaps, a bit of background on this phone call. There's a man I've been speaking with off and on for a few months in Okinawa, he's stationed there until next year. I found him (or is that we found each other?) through another LJ user - poisontemple. Due to circumstances, we haven't been able to talk much, but have managed a few emails and a few casual chats.
Well, lately, that's changed just a bit. He's back at 'home base' and has had more time to talk online, so we have. Some of our chats have been a bit..shall we say, heated? *smiles* Now, I won't pretend that I know him real well..but, I have discovered in the last few days that I'd like to get to know him better. There's a lot that I'm into that he's never been exposed to, but he seems to be open minded about it all, which is an excellent place to start.
So, last night, for the first time, I got to actuall talk to the doctor himself. (He's a recon medic). And..what a lovely conversation. 3 hours. I don't stay on the phone that long usually...especially knowing someone is calling long distance. 3 hours. And we hung up because my phone was dying. So, here I am, in the parking lot, with the seat reclined, talking to this guy..this near perfect stranger that I know really only by a picture I saw online...and absolutely loving every moment of it. It meant a lot to me that he called....just that, he felt I was interesting or important enough to call from another country. If he makes this a regular habit (which it doesn't seem to be his personality type from what I've seen), I don't wanna know. I like the warm feeling I get when I think it was a special kinda deal ;) And the best part (though I was willing, I'll explain that too maybe) is that we talked about anything *but* sex and masturbating.
Well, okay, I'll explain. I wrote a story yesterday that had us both kinda wound up. He wanted me to ...yeah...in the car. And he was originally calling to 'help' me with that. But, when he called, he started a normal every day conversation. I'm not complaining here, mind you. Of course, now he thinks he's been all merciful and stuff ;)
When I got home, I popped in a movie I haven't seen in a long time, ordered pizza, opened a wine coolor and hopped online. Talked to him there for awhile..but he called me to see if I were online, because he wasn't sure. I even braved the microphone for him (and I hate those things). Okay, honestly, I didn't really say much over the damn thing..but, I did it. I did it for him, when I haven't for anyone else. What the hell?? *grins* Yeah well....I knew he was trouble from the start.
At any rate, he may visiting the great NW. If he does, I'd love to meet him ... and yes, he's aware of this, and has been agreeable to it. If we hit it off half as well as we do online...oh boy....*purrrrs and rowrs*
My 4th, overall, was quiet...but a great celebration. The best part..the phone call, and hearing his voice. I look forward to more times of just talking...or..other things ....
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