July 19th, 2002

devil girl

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So, I'm flipping through journals..and linked to a friend's, I find this one. All I can say...I just don't get some people. Unloading hostility, and muttering something about other people not having class? Rich. Yeah, I know...I have my hostile moments, I'm human...but I hope you find something else in here too. *shakes head* Just don't get it.
Anyway, onto updates for the week as I've, once again, been remiss in updating my journal.

Wednesday - I went to the Spot for the social again. I had thought this one guy was nice looking..but then he opened his mouth. It reaffirmed my beleif that some people are just meant to be eye candy. I was a good girl though, instead of wasting my time with the idjit, I kept my mouth shut and rolled my eyes when he tried to prove a point to me of how 'worthless' women are. I wonder if his mommy knows he feels that way? No wonder the man can't get more than sex. Of course, if I were to fuck him, I'd gag him..and leave him that way if only to end the torture of the female population. The rest of the night went well, especially after he took his Tony Robbins brain washed happy ass out the door. (Speaking of hostility....my, where'd that come from? *smirk*)
I got a hemp bracelet :) Made for me. Yay! I feel special. Cept, he made me put it on..then watched all amused like when I was determined to get it on without taking it apart. Damn Coyote, I tell ya. That's alright...just wait until I figger out how to use Coyote to my advantage *grins a wicked lil angel grin* Ahem.
I did a Tarot reading for one of the girls there. I'm quite proud of myself...she said I was accurate. I read the cards without knowing her question. Go me! Unfortunately, I didn't have a way to write it down. Dangit. I still felt accomplished though *grins*

Thursday - Stayed home from work with a migraine. Ended up sleeping most of the day, and still had it lingering. I took some headache stuff which seemed to help, which was good because I was supposed to work the Grind. I did end up going, and just reading. Which was alright, it was better for my head I think. Gotta meet a lil cutie (he's much younger than me I think..but s'okay, can admire) ..and he reads! Woo! Bonus! Even more bonus..he reads things I would read! Woo! After I was done with the Grind, went to Denny's and had some coffee with people. I got greeting hugs from people I wasn't expecting it from (Okay, well, one person really..) ... hugs are very good :) onyx likes hugs! I won't mention names, only cuz I'm not sure who cares about being known as visiting the Spot on occassion and who doesn't. Respect for privacy. Personally, since I post all the time about what I'm doing and where, I don't really care.
Oh oh oh! I got to talk to Okinawa *grins* That's what I'll call him..cuz, well, he's there. Currently, he's on leave and in San Diego. He's not sure he'll be able to visit. I can hope, but I'm not holding my breath. If its not meant to be yet, its not. He does care about me....and that made me smile, a lot. What am I saying? I'm *still* smiling. Heaven help me if I meet this man. LOL. Don't get worried, I'm not obsessed. He just makes me feel good when I talk to him..and I can live with that. :)

Today - Back at work, but it went quick. Customer's weren't unbearable, which was also good. I'm still at my cubicle, though I'm supposed to be moving where my supe can babysit me all day *smirk* Lucky me. Anyway, work rants are another subject, and one I'll leave alone for the moment. Much less stress that way. I just had a quiet evening of cleaning and putzin' around on the computer planned..but, I have a date. Well, dinner with a friend...or something. I dunno. He's not someone I know real well, but I talk to him sometimes, and he tells me I smell good. Brownie points. We're going to Chang's on Cap Hill for dinner, his treat. So, yeah, I guess, maybe technically its a date? *grins and shrugs* Life is...turning around....finances still really suck, but ya know...its okay. I'll get through it. At least, I'm not feeling like the lowest of the low anymore. And at least I don't feel like the entire world is caving in on me or that I'm drowning. Let me just say..the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel is bright, and its a welcome sight to see.