July 26th, 2002

devil girl

(no subject)

Okay. I'll admit...I suck at math, and suck at finances. But, even this one is beyond me. Yesterday, I was $68 overdrawn at the bank. I deposited $500. Today, I have $31 available? Oh, and no new transactions. So....how does this figure?
On a brighter note...my horrorscope says:
A check you've been expecting to receive by mail will probably be
delayed, Jessica. It's nothing to worry about. Chances are it got hung
up at the post office and will arrive by tomorrow. Don't waste your time
worrying needlessly. If you feel it necessary, make contingency plans
for getting by. Your money is coming. Hang in there!

One can only hope.....heh :P
devil girl

(no subject)

Well now, isn't this odd? I just noticed that my 'post reply' button in the emails we get for the comments isn't working. I wonder how many comments I've made that have never been recieved? How...well, lame. Sucky, sucky. May be time to consider yet another new email *mrphs*