August 5th, 2002

devil girl

The usual "catch-up"

I went to Dralion this weekend!!! It was GREAT! I'll write about that later though - it deserves its own entry :)

Saturday - After the show, stopped by home to pack. Dropped Bryan off and headed up to Fenris' house. Didn't get there until after 9 pm but that was alright. We had plans to go out to the club, but waffled on it for a bit after I got there. I couldn't find the dress I wanted to wear as he was going to dress in his leathers. :( I did find something else I could wear though that looked nice. We ended up going - and despite a bit of a rough patch, I had a wonderful time. We didn't play at the club like I had kinda hoped, but that's okay, I suspect we'll be going again ;) We were invited to join a couple friends in a scene, and missed it.

Sunday - Got up and lounged in front of his tv for a bit drinking coffee. Met his daughter a little later in the afternoon. She's a good kid, enjoyable even if I didn't have a clue what to do with her. We took her grocery shopping with us so we could fix dinner. His kitchen is big enough for two (yay!), so we both made dinner. He makes a delicious alfredo sauce. After dinner, he left his daughter and I by ourselves while he went to look at the neighbor's computer. I think if I hadn't been so tired, it may have been better....I may have been able to think. I kinda zombied at the tv. She was good, though. Kept herself more or less entertained by talking to me the entire time :) Almost got to meet the ex wife - but apparently we'd woken her up when we dropped his daughter off.

This morning, he got up with me and made me coffee :) I lounged for a bit, and even made it into work a bit early.
devil girl

(no subject) seems like things change too fast. Othertimes...not fast enough. At the moment, I'm caught in the middle of too fast and not fast enough. Change can be good, yet I go kicking and screaming the entire way. My rock....has shifted. He's moved elsewhere, and I'm left a little...lost. Its not a bad thing mind you..just. Well, different. He's no longer my rock, and I know this..have known it. But, change is never easy for me..and neither is letting go. I'm idling somewhere between letting go and moving beyond. The grip has loosened. That, at least, is something. And..I have something else now, a new solid base.
See, two people so far have the effect of being my center. And, now...its just a matter of shifting and letting go. I can do it, I need to do it. I will do it. I can feel that things have changed already...its in the way I talk to him. And..knowing that someone else is there for him. It didn't hurt as much as it should..or would have. It just feels...strange.
devil girl

This beats the toothbrush....

onyxanglfyre: *grins* Guess what Fenris gave m?
onyxanglfyre: me even
DiannadelaNotte: hm?
onyxanglfyre: You're gonna love this. I have a key to his place ;-)
DiannadelaNotte: oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh
onyxanglfyre: *grins*
DiannadelaNotte: Well, that beats the toothbrush
devil girl

Now .... where's my Thor..?

Rommie XMC10182: Ok, I must ask. What is it with you and guys who have Norse nicknames? Are you like a zaplight for Norsemen?
onyxanglfyre: *laughs* I don't know....I'm beginning to wonder that myself
Rommie XMC10182: I can just imagine you standing in the middle of a room, and baffled men named Thor and Fenris and Siegfried are flying through the air torward you.
onyxanglfyre: *laughs*
Rommie XMC10182: Ok, I'll stop teasing now. ;-)
onyxanglfyre: *grins* Bah...I don't mind ;-) It is rather amusing
Rommie XMC10182: Ok, now the little image has sound: Flight of the Valkyries.
onyxanglfyre: hehehe
onyxanglfyre: My new theme song...