August 8th, 2002

devil girl

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I'm just getting home from coffee. Okay, 2nd home :) Its my first time here by myself...he's at work at the moment. Its okay, but a little odd to let myself in and make myself at home. Even stranger that, to some degree, it feels like home. I should be in bed, but after visiting Fenris at work and getting some much needed food, I'm not terribly tired. I hope that he doesn't mind that I've commendered his computer :) The keyboard is a bit funky though.
Anyway, coffee was great. I got to see, and half meet, a few people I know from the board. One of which I think completely missed the introduction, heh. Still didn't introduce myself to corvus, but when I saw him, he was busy, then I got busy. Got to sit and talk with metalmensch (sorry if I butcher the name) a bit, and had fun doing that. I spent the night mostly with women...and was *gasp* comfortable. Imagine that. I got surprise hugs from a couple of them! Yay! I was surprised one of the women actually recognized me. I know her from 'around', and have casually chatted to/around her a bit, but never thought she'd know me outside the 'usual' setting. It was cool :)
I also brought my Tarot cards and did readings :) I'm quite proud of myself! I wasn't as nervous about it as I usually am, and apparently for at least 2 of them was pretty accurate! I'm progressing, and it feels good. Unknown Author showed me a new layout too - its quick and easy. Makes sense too. Its a star pattern. I even brought pen and paper to journal my readings too. Of course, I thought I'd be reading for just me...ha! I'll add them to my other journal later, tomorrow probably.
devil girl

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Fenris was kind enough to wake me when he got home this morning, though he was a bit late in arriving. He made me coffee this morning too. Good thing, my motivation level Mornings suck. I ended up falling asleep on his recliners watching VH1 (Geez, I feel old). He said that he wasn't too surprised by this. Typical me, not wanting to sleep in a big bed all alone. In truth, it wasn't that so much as the bedroom is in the back of the house, and I can't hear anything back there.
I find that I don't mind mornings with him so much, really. He gets me up early enough that I can lounge and wake up with coffee. He's even learned to fix it 'properly' for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm still not overly fond of mornings *mrph*.
Last night, while I was visiting him, he introduced me to his coworkers as his girlfriend. I've been upgraded ;)
On this note...I think I'll end with a quote from a song I haven't heard in a long time. It bears no relevance, but I like it!

"I'm a superhuman 3-D baby
A Hollywood brain child
to drive you crazy
and I'm coming your way real soon
I'm the catwoman from the moon"
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