August 9th, 2002

devil girl

Money. Always money.

I've made up my mind to organize myself better. I'm not sure how well this will work, but something has to change. I should utilize my tools - computer, calendar, etc. I mean, really, it shouldn't be hard.
I'm working on getting all the bills I pay written down with due dates, amounts and which paycheck they need to come out of. I may set up reminders through yahoo, or something. Noting my wall calendar may be a good option, too.
Speaking of organization, I think if I can do that in regards to Weight Watchers, I'll do better. Send myself a reminder to step on the scale *shudder* Ew. I hate that part. Planning a week of meals ahead of time though should help out a great deal. Now if only I could motivate myself to cook. Heh. This will also help with lunches and dinners for the nights I plan on going out. Presumably, this will also help save money. Always a good thing.
I checked my bank account, overdrawn again. Grrr. Something has to be done. I have to advance more money. I'll have about $6 left. *groan* Fortunately, I have change squirrled away for gas. *sigh* If only I were rich *smirks* If I'm real careful with my money next paycheck, I should be okay I think. I'll still have to advance money, but maybe not as much. My cell phone now is going to have to wait until next week to get turned back on. *sigh* I hate money. *grumble*
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devil girl

Between call ramblings

I should keep a notebook with me at all times for journaling and writing. Its more work, as I'll probably copy it into my LJ anyway. But, there's something that's comforting in the act of writing. Soothing even. Maybe its because I work around computers all day long, it becomes almost obnoxious to listen to that tappity-tap-tap. Besides, I'm not always in a place where I can "pull up a keyboard".
Of course, if they see me doing this (this being the writing) too often at work, they may complain about that too. Enough about that though, its Friday and I have every intention of remaining in a good, if a bit tired, mood. Only 1 hour until my last break. Yay!
No big plans for the weekend really. Just spending time with friends. The whole 'gang' should be over. Woo! The apartment over the weekend will consist of: bonzo boy, Bryan, Mike and Jamie, and of course the room mates. Full. Oh, not to mention that Fenris will be joining us *early* Sunday morning.
I checked on vacation time today. I have 44 hours, may as well use it. Just a matter of deciding when now. I was thinking of finishing the week of New Year's, since we'll be in Canada and I think its only 2 days left. That's only 16 hours *shrugs*. I was also thinking of taking a couple days here in the next couple weeks. Mental health days. I think I'll wait and see what shift Fenris ends up working first, I'm thinking I'd like to spend that time with him :)
devil girl

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*bounce, bounce* I'd also like to thank him (and Cindy!!) for the mug with my name on it!! Yay!! I'll be using it tomorrow morning in fact..and the coffee will just be *that* much better ;)