August 12th, 2002

devil girl

Another weekend in review...

I think my next job will be one where I'm not dealing with customer's money, or at least not on such a consistant basis. I'm tired of being bitched at/yelled at because someone isn't watching their credit card. I love Mondays at work *smirk* Nice full queue. *sigh* Now for the update -

Friday - Went home for a bit and lounged. About 11:30 pm, I left to go to Fenris' to suprise him. On my way out, my upstairs neighbor (crazy nun lady) stopped me to complain about my car 'keeping her up day and night'. Up day and night? Really? How funny. I'm either home or I'm not - I don't come and go too much. Leave for work - yes noisy. Come home from work - not noisy (engine's warm). If I leave the house again, its usually before 10 pm, and yes, it can be a bit noisy if the engine is cold. If I come home later in the night again, the engine is warm enough that the belts aren't squealing. So, yeah.
Anyway, I got the Fenris' and spent a quiet evening there, watching movies and reading. It was a bitch getting there though, construction all the way along I5, only one lane of traffice. GRRRR. I ended up getting off the freeway in Shoreline and just taking 99 up.

Saturday - Fenris woke me up when he got home with a smile and a kiss. I had, of course, fallen asleep in the recliner again. I think I went back to sleep, and he went to fix his neighbor's computer. He woke me up again when he went to bed. I had to be up by 10 am to go get Bryan at about noon. Chya. Woke up about 11, left around 11:30 - which was fine. When I picked up Bryan, we headed down to Pacific Place. We looked through Barnes and Noble, where he bought a couple movies and then went to Starbucks for lunch and coffee. After that we got bonzo boy from the ferry and headed home. Mike and Jamie met us there an hour later, and we watched a couple movies. During the first movie, Fenris called and asked if another person were okay :) He ended up calling in for a 'mental day' and coming down in the evening. Yay! I'm glad that everyone got to meet him. We went to Denny's for dinner too, scared the waitress again I think ;) Mike and Jamie left after that, and Fenris and I did an ice cream run. I have popsicles now..YUM.

Sunday - Cleaned out the car and piled everyone in for the Ren Fair. We left about 11 am, made a couple stops, then headed down. Four of us in one car, 2 in the other. Jenni and Rob went in their car :) We got there about 1 pm. It was a beautiful day!! I had sooo much fun. Got a watercolor done as me as a Fae. *grins* Also got some homemade sasparilla in a bottle the I keep. MMmmmm. Lets see, I also got a couple little sharpies (knives), they're *so* cute! Good sword and athame for a travel altar. That's how small they are :) Bryan suggested I dedicate them to the Fae, and I think I will..they'd probably be upset if I didn't. Checked out some leather corsets and some costuming. I'd love to have goal is to have costuming by Ren Fair next year. I've found a couple sources to check right here at work. :) Fenris bought some costuming..and damn, he looked good in it. Yummy. *grins* Two other people agreed with that too ;) Jenni said that he's the first man I've brought home with an ass, and Bryan had to agree..that had me laughing for some time. We left there about 5:30 pm, and apparently missed Heather Alexander perform :( Oh well, next time maybe. Was exhausted when we got home, after dropping Bryan and Zac off. Passed out about midnight after reading for a bit.

This morning, I woke up early. About 7:30 am. Made coffee and got ready for work. He got up with me and sat on the couch with me while I watched a bit of tv and tried not to actually go back to sleep again. I'm still tired this morning, but happy. I'm going to go to his place tonight, and maybe even bring the 'spare' computer up :)
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So, I'm thinking about getting my own domain. Maybe then I can tink around with things and do an actual webpage *gasp*

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If you have other suggestions or comments, ya know the button to click! :)
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Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Dad just paid the bank over $1000 for my car. *sighs* Now, he's going to be MAD at me. No, no I don't blame him...but fuck, I was trying to handle it. At my age, I should be able to. Fuck, fuck, fuck.