August 13th, 2002

devil girl

(no subject)

Yay me. I learned how to use the to-do list thingy here. Not a difficult task, I know. Now, if I can just remember to look at it. Hah.
I started making plans this morning to hit the gym with a co-worker. At this point, this doesn't mean actually going to the gym, but gathering info. I need to find out if I have a balance, if so, how much and if I can even get said co-worker added to my account. One day a week is the only commitment I'm asking for, at least right now.
Plans for after work or tomorrow afternoon - call insurance companies. I can go through the phone book tonight and have some numbers planned. This is a couple day project, I think. Fenris offered to add me to his insurance. He's right in that it would be cheaper, as he gets a multi car discount...but, still, with this relationship being so new.....
It would however solve my problem and satisfy dad in that much. *sigh* Decisions...