August 15th, 2002

devil girl

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Today is payday, and normally that's a time to rejoice and feel relief. At least for a few minutes. Finances have been heavily on my mind lately...or, rather, the lack thereof. I've been getting by okay, and that's a good thing. This paycheck I was short much more than I'd counted on, and as a result some creative financing has had to come into play. Now, if I'm incredibly careful with my budget, I should be able to stablize myself within a few paychecks. I'm hoping at any rate. This paycheck, I'll be able to 'forward' enough to pay grandma and to pay my cell phone, the rest, unfortunately are going to have to wait if I'm going to have *any* money to survive by. This means, going to the grocery store and buying food to cook for dinners and make lunches with - that will save me *lots* of money there. Cutting down on the entertainment stuffs. This is okay though, I have enough to keep me occupied generally.
If I plan well enough, I should be able to cut down on gas spending, on the nights I head up to Fenris', just pack clothes and head there right after work.
Other than finances, things are going pretty okay. I think I even got a decent amount of sleep last night, even if I didn't wake up on time this morning, as usual. My stomach is doing better than yesterday. The queue is still busy as hell, but the calls aren't quite as annoying. Tonight, I'm going to the Grind, then probably Denny's afterward. is generally good :)