August 21st, 2002

devil girl

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Things to do today:

1. Have Fenris call on insurance
2. Call insurance about bill date & set up on automatic payment
3. Write dad
4. Nails
5. Clean bedroom (or at least start)

That should be a somewhat full plate. I'm sure I'll come up with more.
devil girl

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You Are a Cybernormal!

You know how to find all the online action.

But you only respond if you have a strong attraction.

You've got to step up, if you want to get down or dirty.

Or you might not get laid again - until you're 30!

Are *You* a Cyberslut?

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I want to work from home. No commute, set my own time. Unfortunately, I haven't quite figured out how to go about this and still be able to pay all my bills. I don't have a high tech skill set that would allow me to work from home and make decent money, and getting that skill set seems to be a difficulty. I'd like to do webpages, but, schooling for that seems just a teeny bit out of range for the moment. *sigh* So....anyone have suggestions on where I can look to achieve this goal?
devil girl

The MadHatter has met his match.....bwah!

my iq and talent has soared to new heights. my intelligence may be the envy of all those that are wise, but it seems to have gotten the better of me. i tend to take things to the extreme and a chemical balance is nothing more than a pipe dream in my brain. i need to consider heavy medication... maybe even a straightjacket...

how mad are you?

this quiz was made by piksy
devil girl


Okay, I'm confused. I went to to set up a domain for me. It touts a free account, and looking over the fine print, I see nowhere where it states 'hidden' costs. Yet, when I fill out the registration, at the very end, it wants to know how I want to be billed. *scratches her head* Scuse me? Isn't it...oh, I dunno...FREE? I have the option of doing one year at $35 or two years at $70 for registration. So, if I'm paying to register the domain, what exactly, am I getting for free?
devil girl

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Hmn. Well, looking through my friends list, and getting on IRC for the first time in, well, I can't remember when, has made me realize just how little time I've been spending online. No, this isn't a bad just went unrealized I guess. Burn out? Most likely. I'm on 8 hours at work, blow through most of my email, listen to people bitch whine and moan about their internet and just how much they need that internet connection and can't live without it. Bleh. Big bleh.
I get onto IRC tonight, and am told I'm missed (Yes, most of the folks I know offline too..some not so), that it's been awhile. I'm thinking "They noticed I was gone?" *blink*
On the good side, this apparently means I have a life. haha! Its also made me realize that on the whole, I've been unsocial. Yes, I've been social to some degree, with certain people, or certain groups. There's a couple friends I really need to make time for, and I rarely do. Not sure why...well, I think I could come up with a couple things, but, those are in the past. Supposedly, I'm over them. Some days, I still makes me take a deep breath and shake my head. I try not to get too upset, but ya know. I got screwed, and its still bothersome *shrugs* Life marches on.
Tonight, instead of being here online, I wanted to be at the beach for a 'burn'. Its alright, I'm just hoping they have another I can attend. Fire dancing and spinning and such, and there were people I wanted to see..that I've missed seeing lately, and miss getting hugs from. Oh, not that they've been gone terribly long...but, still. They've been noticed :) I want to learn how to do fire spinning, and fire breathing...wonder who I can con into teaching me... ;)