August 26th, 2002

devil girl

I thought technology was supposed to make life easier...

But I think I've been lied to. So, Saturday, our dial tone is gone. Just gone. We think that maybe its an issue with the kitchen fire (more on that later, not my kitchen). Rob called this morning I guess, and the repair man came out. Apparently there's a fuse or wire blown between the Qwest box and my bedroom, which is where the line comes into the apartment. Well, great, fix it! No, no can do. The apartment must get a 'pipe' (whatever the hell that is) in there before Qwest can do anything.
So, Rob calls the apartment complex property management because apparently the number we have for our specific landlady is no longer working. Figures. Per Rob, all they tell him is its not their responsibility and when he tried to give detail, she gave the same answer. *blink* Now the skinny is, apparently Rob talked to Qwest, who is going to have the repair man call the property company..and, I dunnno. From there, the theory is, they'll call Rob back. So, I guess I'm reduced to just my cell once again. And as Irony would have it...I can't find my stupid charger. *sigh* I thought technology was supposed to make life easier?
devil girl

A little about me...

I know... what I know
I have... love and happiness
I wish... for peace
I hate... stupidity
I miss... my childhood
I fear... nothing and everything
I hear... joy and laughter
I search... for inner peace and understanding
I wonder... if I'll ever find it
I regret... very few things
I love... life
I ache... when left behind
I care... for many
I always... try
I am not... a typical woman
I dance... for joy
I sing... a little off key :)
I cry... when no one's watching
I do not always... plan well
I fight... for what I believe in
I write... what I want..or need
I lost... someone special
I confuse... as little as possible
I listen... when I'm needed
I can usually be found... in the background
I need... security
I am happy about... life
I should... slow down
I am... just a woman
devil girl

(no subject)

I drove the truck in today. Woo! Its a lot different than my woo car, but I enjoyed it. It handled easily, and I'm beginning to feel when it needs to be shifted now. Size is still a bit, well, different and a little scary to judge, but I left myself plenty of extra room this morning on the way to work. I kept feeling like I should be lower down, heh. I wonder how often he'll let me drive it...? *grin*
devil girl


two thoughts on writing:

1. A roleplay community journal - create a character and join in. Must think more on the premise of this.
2. Starting a journal for a character. Meaning, I have a story I want to write, but I think I want to do it *as* the character, and her keeping a journal.

Will give these more thought when I have the time.