August 29th, 2002

devil girl

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There are days when I hate Irony. Yesterday, I wanted to scream because of road construction. It seems lately that I can't go anywhere without some road construction in my way.
Yesterday, some crackhead who gets paid way too much for not thinking, thought it would be a bright idea to begin paving in Factoria (exit 10) at 7 am. *blink* And by 9:20 am, which is when I come through that exit, it was backed up nearly to the freeway. I know it said to expect delays, but I didn't realize that meant 'pack a lunch cause we have you trapped here all day!!' (feel free to insert an evil laugh). It took me literally 30 minutes to travel the possible 2 miles from the exit to my work (and that's probably stretching the distance). Then, on the way home from seeing Fenris at work - 405 is lit up like a Christmas tree. At 9 pm. Why? You guessed it. Repaving. *growl* Stuck there for about 45 minutes - 15 of which were just trying to get *on* the freeway. That's travelling from Bothell to Everette.
Today, I leave early to adjust for the construction, since I was 30 minutes late yesterday. Wouldn't you know it? No delay. *gnash teeth* And I gave up morning cuddles.....
devil girl

Good news!

I can start the class! I have to shell out $230 by the start though ..... I'll talk to grandma and see if she's willing to cash the check in Sept then.

Little pleasure of the day: The vending machine sells red swedish fish! Woot!