September 2nd, 2002

devil girl

My horrorscope for the week....

Positive aspects continue to be present in terms of both your job and
career, and success is made more probable if you attend any meetings or
social functions associated with your place of work. You might equally
be offered some great opportunities when you are just out enjoying
yourself. If you want to push the pace of events a little, the next best
thing to do is to hold a dinner at your home and invite along any one
you would like to influence. When Mercury trines Neptune and sextiles
Jupiter, you have a chance to convince others of your worth, which would
certainly work in your favor. But what you don't want to do is give the
impression that you can do and be far more than is actually possible. If
you are aiming for a promotion, at least try and be realistic. The Sun
moves to square Pluto over the week and a New Moon in Virgo squares
Pluto exactly, which is no accident, and will create a sense of tension
concerning a love affair. This could conflict with a permanent
partnership. The other scenario is that one of you wants to make a
romance into a more serious commitment and this too may mean an
important decision needs to be made.
devil girl

(no subject)

Thankfully, today so far has been quiet. Not sure I could handle a busy day. I don't feel well. Last night, couldn't sleep, I was either too hot or too cold or sniffling too much. My head feels numb and my body feels heavy. I'm a little dizzy too. Driving in this morning was....well, an interesting ride. I may have to call Fenris to come pick me up by the end of the day, but we'll see if I improve.
Lately, I feel more like an irritation to him than a pleasure. I know last night was a bit sketchy, mostly because I'm not a good sick person. I either want to be left alone or curl up with someone, and its sometimes hard to tell which. Its also a time when emotions tend to compound upon themselves and things that normally wouldn't bother me so much seem like mountains. *sigh* So, I don't know if I'm just exaggerating things in my state of mind...or if I really have been more irritation than pleasure.
devil girl

(no subject)

*whimper* I'm not getting any, I'm sneezing, can't breath and have a headache ontop of all the other crap. I hate being sick.