September 5th, 2002

devil girl

Christian values....?

I just saw a commercial for a local Christian church, and the whole premise of this is "God will get you out of anything"
The pastor gets pulled over for speeding, and as he's signing he states "God will get me out of this!" At the end of the commercial, he speeds off in his nice shiny sports car. This teaches values? Like what? That you don't have to worry about consequences? What a value to teach...
devil girl

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You aren't sure where you came from. Perhaps your sire did an embrace and run. Or maybe your sire was an outcast himself. Either way, your powers are unique and really don't belong to any clan...or maybe a little from each. Because you of these circumstances, you aren't really sure where you belong. You tend to wander and do a bit of soul searching in your eternal life. Maybe some have a while after all

What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?

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