September 10th, 2002

devil girl

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So, yesterday Fenris came out and spent lunch with me :) We went down the street to Teriyaki. I loved that he came for lunch. He walked me back up at the end of lunch..lucky man got to see my cubie. Heh.
Last night, we went down to the apartment and picked up my 'spare' computer to hook up at his place. Now he's complaining about the speed }:) Rather, lack thereof. Its an old computer, but has served me well. He's got it online, but apparently it won't cooperate with the network. *sniggers* Sounds like my computer alright. }:)
devil girl

Saturday class

I realize its a bit late in coming, and I really should have done this over the weekend when everything was still 'fresh' in my mind and heart, but it is now.
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