September 13th, 2002

devil girl

You know....

This is edited...well, the name is

seattle_: you need to be tied
onyx: I do?
seattle_: yes - and soon
seattle_: you will also be punished for your behaviour
onyx: *perks a brow*
seattle_: bound
seattle_: gagged
seattle_: and punished
seattle_: i want to meet you next week
seattle_: we will discuss your needs
seattle_: DONT IGNORE ME
onyx: I'm not ignoring you - I'm working
seattle_: the punishment increases with excuses
onyx: Its not an excuse, its a fact.
seattle_: you may call me sir
seattle_: and arguing will also increase the punishment
seattle_: nipple clamps to begin with
onyx: First, lets set something straight - I'm submissive, but that does not mean I submit to *you* - 2nd, I will call you Sir the day you place a collar about my throat, no sooner. 3rd, keep pushing and that collar will not happen in this lifetime. You have *no* right to punish, or even begin to think you may do so. Thank you, end of discussion on this matter.
seattle_: good - you have a good attitude
seattle_: i like that
seattle_: lets chat later

Dude, what the fuck? And this guy wants to meet me. Yeah. As if. Only if I can take my Wolf-man along *sugary sweet smile*
devil girl

(no subject)

Damnit. I hurt. I want a dentist appointment - but the clinic is booked up until the end of next month. I don't think I can wait that long. I hurt. My jaw aches, and my gums are swollen in one area. Feels like I have a cotton ball stuck back there or something. *sigh* There's no tooth there, so, maybe its an absess or something? The clinic gave me the clinic in the International District which takes 'emergency walk-ins' - but they aren't answering their phones. *whimper* I hate pain, and I especially hate it in my head, even if it isn't a headache.
devil girl

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It occurs to me that I need a new userpic. Why? Because...its something new. Mental note to self: send vergance a pic so he can make me one. May do something new with my journal too..but flamewing took a bit to get this one going..rather, I think it was kind of a pain in the ass, so I'm reluctant to change it. Besides, I still like it.