September 16th, 2002

devil girl

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Once again, its time for that Monday morning summary of the weekend.

Friday - nothing much going on, just the usual.

Saturday - We headed down to Spanaway for Mike & Jamie's wedding. Well, wait, I should back up. Fenris did a very evil thing...he made me get up when he got home. Ugh. Evil, evil. He made me an appointment with the chiropracter. Probably because he's tired of hearing me whimper about my back. The appointment went well, the doctor is younger than I expected. Oddly that made me a bit nervous, but it wasn't a lack of confidence in his skill. Dunno. It was just an exam, so no adjustment was done. He mentioned that I may have bursidis (no clue how to spell it - I'll look it up later) in my right hip. Which would probably explain a lot of the discomfort and mild pain. *sigh* I get the full diagnosis on Tuesday when I go back. Which reminds me, I need to ask for the time.
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I suppose we could have made it to the Light workers thing on Saturday, but I didn't even think of it. Later that night, we went to the club. I had fun, but was kind of disappointed - the room we wanted to use was completely full most of the night. By the time there was any room, he was too tired and needed to head home. *sigh* Oh well, another night I guess.

Sunday - Didn't do much of anything really. Fenris has been trying to get Everquest to work on my computer, and it just isn't cooperating. If its this difficult to even get started...geeze. But, I have a game card now, thanks to Fenris *grins* Maybe tonight we can hop over to mom's and see if we can find the orignial cd. Apparently, there's no 3d device on my computer, but I know I played it before. *sigh* Ah well, more incentive to move my newer computer? *snickers*