September 18th, 2002

devil girl

Games, Games!

Last night Fenris and I went out to eat, then to Wizards of the Coast. Ostensibly it was to see how much evercrack might cost me since I'm unable to locate my cd *grumble*. We came home with 2 other games however, Guillitine and Fluxx. Fun!! So, last night, we had the TV off and cleared off the table and sat and played games for like 3 hours. It was a blast!! I'd love to do that more often, especially now that I know he likes those kinda games :) We found some others we'd like to get sometime too.
Evercrack is gonna cost me about $45 to replace *sigh* And Fenris said he doubts I can run it on the old, sometime soon, its down to the apartment to get my new computer. *urgh* I knew I shoulda brought that one instead!
devil girl

I'm gonna get me an edjumakashun

No, I R not goin' to them thar college things. I'm going to take a couple online courses through Barnes & Noble :) Yeah, I know..its free, and its not worth much on paper..but, at least I feel like I'm doing something. Learning, in fact. No, it won't help my career - not that I have one - but it will broaden my horizons. And I can't think of one darned thing wrong with that! :)
Cheesiness aside, I'm excited about it. The courses are free with the exception of the books, which I get a discount on with the Reader's Advantage anyway. Look out world, I'm on a learning spree!!