September 23rd, 2002

devil girl

My personal year...

I'll go into my weekend in a bit, when I feel I have time to write. Especially Saturday, which was pretty significant for 3 of us, I think. I've never had a full moon like it! :)
Anyway, I was listening to the radio this morning on the way to work, and on the Kiss morning show, they had a psychic. She was doing numerology for the personal year cycles. I went to her home page and got the following info:

This is the year of new beginnings. New people, new ideas, new job, new home, new friends, new relationships, doors opening. It can be all or some of the above. It is a year of independence, originality, leadership and lots of activity. What you concentrate on this year will often set the tone for the whole nine year cycle, so be sure what you are concentrating on is what you want! A good year to start any new venture, especially a business!

I am in the first year of the 9 year cycle. I can see that I've already started some of this with my new relationship with Fenris, and the Saturday classes at Sacred Traditions. I'm excited about the new year, and hopefully I can put some of that to good use and set a good tone for the next 8 years :) Oh..and here's the site I got it from:

Your Personal Year
devil girl

Full Moon

I'll write about the rest of my weekend later - this deserves its own entry. I may even be nice enough to cut it for ya.

Saturday, I went to class again in the afternoon. Because Angela was the only one there, this class was later than the rest of them. Class in and of itself wasn't terribly eventful, we learned how to clear space and make it sacred. We learned a bit about how to make ourselves 'clear' as well. We learned a technique to ground and center, and we're supposed to practice this along with the focusing. I think this particular technique may work for me. After class, Angela invited us back to her home for a Medicine Wheel and full moon rit.

Well, we ended up not doing the wheel. There was a need to be inside and do the healing there. Apparently, it was so we could focus on Rob, as it was his night. Before things got into swing, we cleared off a place in her living room to set up as an altar. It was a small party, Angela, Steve, Angela's man, Jenni, Rob and I. Jenni and I agreed later that this was actually better than a large seemed to feel 'just right'. Being a night of Harvest, we also had some fruit before beginning.
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After the meditation, Rob was the first to be in the 'hot seat'. They wrapped a bear cloak around him, and we began to drum as Angela directed the energy for him.
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It took Rob a bit to feel ready to get out of the chair, so we sat and shared stories for awhile. Then it was Jenni's turn to be wrapped in the bear fur.
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After Jenni, we had some more food because everyone was feeling somewhat depleted. There was lots of sharing during this time, and just general chit chat. Rob had to leave for work, but Jenni stayed there with me, and I'm glad she did. It was my turn now, and Steve worked on me. He said that he had 'something planned' for me. (Oh boy! That never sounds good! LOL)
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