October 8th, 2002

devil girl

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Well, this no calls thing is lasting. YAY!!
I'd like to thank bearwitched for my Dirty Vegas cd, I love it! :) Been listening to it here at work.
I tried to get into my online courses today, since the calls are extremely low..but its a no go. Just can't get into it *sigh* The calls are spaced just far enough apart. Bleh. Its okay though, I'll take a look tonight or tomorrow.
Actually, tonight, I may play with Frontpage a bit, and of course EQ. We have it working on my puter now! Yay! I killed a bunch of LARGE rats last night. BWAH!
Okay, so now to go find a game to play or something....
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devil girl

Animal meanings

Awhile ago, I talked about a healing, and the visions I had. In fact, it was last full moon if I recall. Well, I did a bit of research, and here's what I found:

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I think Coyote is here to teach me a couple things. Like, how to remove my mask and connect, with myself, and the world around me. Maybe even how to balance risk and safety, keeping myself protected without building the walls so thick no one gets through.

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Angela told me that the Vulture was a symbol of Jupiter, I'll have to look into that. Potentially the vulture could teach me that the Earth Mother *does* love me, and teach me how to believe that. Or is that love of Her? Perhaps both. Death and rebirth...signifiers of change.

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Whoooaaa...there's a shitload of stuff here. Goddess energy, phychic energy...things I could certainly work on. My creative power. Building that connection.

I think I see a theme......