October 14th, 2002

devil girl

No title - a hodgepodge of thoughts

Well, I made a decision on moving. I told Fenris yes. My main concerns about this were his daughter, and we finally talked about it. He's okay with letting us figure out our own relationship, which makes me feel *much* better. Also, she won't be living with us right away, which also makes me feel better.
We have the option of moving to another place. This has both pros and cons, as everything does. Fenris has some concerns, which have been somewhat discussed. This new place would be a little cheaper, by a couple hundred dollars. I would have a support network and so would his daughter. It would also have more space. 3 bedrooms, which leaves an altar room. I got to admit, I want an altar room. More discussion needs to happen I think, though he may be of the opinion the matter is closed. I told him last night to leave the options open for the moment. The other thing is, in a year and a half, he owns the trailer. Equity is a very good thing. With the other place, there's no option to own. There's also that the trailer belongs to a friend of Fenris', and he doesn't want to leave his friend in a lurch, which is totally understandable. As of yet, my end of the decision is not totally settled.
Class has been going alright, and I realize that I must update on the last two, which I will do soon. Sundays, I've been playing a WW game. Its been fun. I got the journal set up that I wanted to, and may need to make adjustments to it. Right now, there's nothing fancy as far as background and what not, but I'll work on it. If anyone knows of any good Vampie type pics, let me know? Thanks :) I have the okay to post my story, and bearwitched may do the same.
I have tentative plans to carve pumpkins next weekend with Pooh (Fenris' daughter). I'm looking forward to this, actually. I'm thinking Sunday may be a good time. I know that we have gaming then, but maybe we could do it later in the day, or something. She's never had pumpkin seeds, and I'd love to roast some. Must consider more of that.
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Fenris and I talked last night. It was nice to talk like that again, we haven't in a bit. Some serious talked, laced with laughter and teasing in the darkness of the bedroom. It always makes me feel closer to him, like he's showing me another little piece of himself. We talked about souls, and waht we see in each other's eyes. They are, after all, the window to the soul. We talked about many things, many 'deep' things. Its the moments like last night that I realize the most that I really do love him.