October 21st, 2002

devil girl

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Maybe if I tackle the chores one at a time, as I can, I'd have an easier time getting the house clean.

1. Laundry (clothes put away)
2. Kitchen counters
3. Kitchen floor
4. Litter box
5. Bathroom counter
6. Bathtub
7. Shower
8. Bathroom floor
9. Living room (picking up)
10. Vacuum
11. Mop small tile floors (computer & door)
12. Dining room table (clear off & clean)
13. Computer desk

I think I got it. Now...if I could just get myself to do this.
devil girl

Yet another cluex4....

Wolf's Wisdom Includes:
Facing the end of one's cycle with dignity and courage
Death and rebirth
Spirit teaching
Guidance in dreams and meditations
Instinct linked with intelligence
Social and familial values
Outwitting enemies
Ability to pass unseen
Skill in protection of self and family
Taking advantage of change

More visions...more clues. Now all I need is the damn puzzle.