November 4th, 2002

devil girl

Benefits meeting

I had a benefits meeting I went to today for work. I actually got some info..go figure. I think I understand the flexible spending plan a bit better, and may utilize it this year. I also learned that my company has a domestic partner plan. This doesn't affect me really, but I think its cool. Oh! And natural alternatives for health care....I may look into a nutritionalist. Right now, its open enrollment...and I have until Nov 12 to get everything set or I have the same plan I did last year, and I don't remember what that was. Tomorrow I'll sit down with Fenris and have him help me...hopefully he understands this stuff better than I do.
devil girl

Word count

Yes! 636 words in 15 minutes. I'm cookin'. Too bad lunch is over now, and I have no idea where to take this story. hahaha. I need to sit and think of an overall plot. Hmmm. Any ideas?