November 11th, 2002

devil girl

Work bitch.

So, Friday, they moved my desk. Not a huge deal, but I knew I should have just come in, despite my stomach. I get here this morning, my stuff is in bags and haphazardly piled into boxes, nevermind my supe's words of "I'll be careful". Nothing is broken, but obviously care wasn't taken either. I have a glass mug that was half full of pop can tabs...I say was because half of that obviously filled mug is now at the bottom of a box. I didn't realize that careful meant lack of common sense. My fault. To top it off, the speakers (new ones, I might add) that had been working at the other desk, are not working now. How fucking spiffy.
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devil girl

(no subject)

My morning is NOT getting any better. We took 3 'resource' people from that queue. Nice. Effective...if you want to create longer hold times. I've been on the phone with this customer for nearly 20 minutes. This call should have taken 5 minutes - tops. All I need is an extension on an account. That's it. Nothing too big or time consuming. answer? "It shouldn't need to be extended." I waited 20 minutes for that? Fuck me.
devil girl

Lunch date

Woohoo! My day is looking up. I have a lunch date. No, not a romantic type date, just a date with a friend of mine. He's coming to chit chat while I eat. I get company! Yay!
devil girl

My very own fairy tale.....haha


Once upon a time there has a young WAITER named BOB. He was SLOWLY DRIBBLING in the PURPLE forest when he met BLUE JOE, a run-away CUSTOMER SERVICE from the GREEN Queen MADELINE.

BOB could see that BLUE JOE was hungry so he reached into his BOX and give him his HOT MEXICAN. BLUE JOE was thankful for BOB's MEXICAN, so he told BOB a very COLD story about Queen MADELINE's daughter BIANCA. How her mother, the GREEN Queen MADELINE, kept her locked away in a SKYSCRAPER protected by a gigantic CAT, because BIANCA was so DEPRESSED.

BOB RAN. He vowed to BLUE JOE the CUSTOMER SERVICE that he would save the DEPRESSED BIANCA. He would WALK the CAT, and take BIANCA far away from her eveil mother, the GREEN Queen MADELINE, and RUN her.

Then, all of the sudden, there was a ANGRY HURRICANE and BLUE JOE the CUSTOMER SERVICE began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic CAT from his story. GREEN Queen MADELINE WALKED out from behind a COMPUTER and struck BOB dead. In the far off SKYSCRAPER you could hear a BOOM!.


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