December 5th, 2002

devil girl

(no subject)

Well, today has been much better than yesterday. Time has gone quicker too.
This morning, my company rolled out a new face to one of the databases. I like it. Its made note taking much easier. I only have to get into the other data base now if I need to do a change to the account. Also, the history of the account is much easier to see. Nice.
Dad is taking over the car loan. I guess he put the balance on his credit card, and is now going to be my lien holder. This could be good or bad...I'm hoping it'll smooth the issues between us and be okay. He's going to allow me to make payments directly to his account..and he's even allowing the first payment to be at the end of the month, which makes me feel better financially. I'll have money for Christmas.
Lately, I've felt like time has been compressed...pushing in on me from all sides. Christmas is coming up, and its always a frantic time of year for me. After Christmas, it'll ease some. With trying to move too...well, its just gotten that much more frantic feeling for me. I'm not complaining..or I don't mean to anyway...its just sometimes I feel life is moving too fast for me to catch it. Or to breathe. In the end, I'll be glad we did things this way.
Speaking of moving...I went to the house last night, presumably to help clean and spackle. Well, I wasn't much use to them..and they were kind enough to get me dinner. I was still glad to go though..I enjoyed the time I had with them. And its the first time I've spent time with either of them without Fenris around. I'm planning on making time sometime over the weekend to go over and help...though, I'm not sure when at the moment, since there are chunks of weekend planned for me. Maybe Saturday afternoon/evening.