December 13th, 2002

devil girl

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In with the peach ...out with the with the peach...out with the green....

devil girl

This is a good example...

of what I meant in my last work entry where I complained about resource giving credits/refunds.

A customer calls in because of some additional charges. He has international usage on his account and I verify with my supe that they are there. (I didn't see them in the call detail report at first). He tells me they're valid, period. The customer, of course, argues with me tooth and nail. Mind you, the charges are less than $20..but its the point. They're valid charges. Twenty minutes later, I request to put the call through to resource because he's just arguing with me. My supe then tells me that no, I can't do that (despite the fact that we've been told repeatedly by the call center manager that we're supposed to pass off the long calls to resource, its what they're there for), and to tell the customer that we can not discuss the charges. Riiiiggghhht. So, tell the customer they are valid, can't help him anymore, etc.
Of course, now, the customer wants to escalate. I won't argue that. I pass it on to resource..naturally, the one that drives me insane answers. I want to cry...because I know that he'll just give the flippin' credit without even asking. He won't even look. He never does. Not only that but he's like "You're escalating for ...*sigh* okay...get him over"
Fucker. I hate that. I hate the whole damn situation. I feel like an idiot now. I even went back and checked the notes...sure enough, credit issued, no research notes. So, in effect, I just wasted 20 minutes of my time. My average call handle times suck because of shit like this. Not only that, but the little prick made me out to be the idiot in his notes. I'm so fucking sorry I stood behind policy. My fault. I tried to do my fucking job again.

I want to cry out of pure frustration. I hate this place.
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