December 24th, 2002

devil girl

(no subject), when I have my time planned out, nothing seems to go right. So, why did I expect it to be any different today? Feh. I should know better.
I'm doing laundry, and of course....the soap doesn't rinse all the way out. Not a big deal..just more time than I'd planned. Argh! I still have to clean the car, get the kidlet ready and myself ready. Not to mention Fenris when he comes home...though he's pretty much self sufficient ;)
I had even planned time to kill online. So, here I am still, waiting for the wash to be done and hoping I have enough time to dry it. At least I got the kitchen somewhat clean today. It still needs a bit more, but the dishes are in the dishwasher and the cleans ones are put away. Next cleaning project..the car. I'm not looking forward to that...its a black pit of....junk. I'll probably end up just getting the garbage out, which will be fine. See what I get for practically living in my vehicle? Must stop that.
Well, I just wanted to whine a bit ;) Off I go to do what needs to be done