January 17th, 2003

devil girl

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I had planned on staying in jammies today, since I could..but that ended up being a no go. Not that I'm complaining. Fenris and I spent some time together today before he went to work, and it was very nice. We went to IHOP for breakfast, and had a nice conversation about various things and a yummy if rather large meal. After breakfast, we went to the trailer and gathered a few things for the weekend and general use. We were going to hit the grocery store, but decided that coming home to relax before he went to work was a better idea. I even got a hot carmel cider out of the deal ;)
The rest of the day was pretty much spent lazing around between the computer and the television. My tummy hurt for a bit, so I went and half dozed on the sofa. Its feeling better now, but I haven't been hungry for any sort of dinner. I've munched a bit, but that's it really.
This weekend is full already. I can't believe how quickly plans can be made *grumble* Anyway, I haven't done much thrilling today..and last night was spent at the Grind, doing my usual thang.
No job to bitch about now...its been strange staying home..or rather, not going into work. I've been a day ahead because of that. It took me awhile to realize that today is Friday ;) Well...I'll quit rambling now.