January 31st, 2003

devil girl

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Well, I'm quite proud of myself at the moment. In the last week or so, I've been totally unmotivated. Not tired really, just unmotivated. Sure, some of it has been tiredness...but, yeah. I could blame it on the pregnancy, but I won't.
In the last couple days however, I've made many plans in preperation for feeling better...and though I have yet to accomplish that long list, I've accomplished a few things. I've got to start somewhere :) I made dinner last night, and tonight (its in the crock pot), made the man's coffee and lunch. Next on my things to do, laundry (starting with sheets and towels), and some chex mix, which I've been meaning to do for the last week or so. I even did some grocery shopping yesterday...saved myself almost $10 too..another proud (if small) accomplishment :) Its the little things that keep me going sometimes. Of course, my mistak this afternoon....sitting down and getting online. Heh. I used the excuse of a break, of course.
Last night, I got to work the Grind. I didn't go before for the dancing, primarily because I was running a bit late with dinner and all, but that's okay. I ended up playing solitaire most of the time, and watching people. Good thing I enjoy people watching. I had one surprise for the night...and a rather pleasant one at that. First, let me just say, there's a guy there who's had my attention for a little bit. He's a nice looking man, and it seems we play 'eye tag'. I never garnered that he was interested, just kinda curious as to why I was looking at him. Can't help it, I like to admire him ;) Well, there have been times when he's smiled and waved on his way out...but, we haven't really so much as said hi, until last night. To my surprise, while I was standing away from the cash register to watch people dance...he came over and started talking to me. Nothing much, just some small talk....no introductions even. I know his name, but only because I get to see his membership card whenever he goes..and he used to show up every week. The conversation got interupted, and he hung around for a bit, then went off to do other things. I didn't really get a chance to say goodnight, or I would have mentioned Denny's to him. Eh, well...it was still a cool surprise :) Maybe next time I'll actually give the man my name....lol.
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