February 16th, 2003

devil girl

I'm still here...

And I've been neglecting my live journal again of late, for that I'm terribly sorry. Not that anyone missed me ;) I, again, can't even say that I've been too busy. Its just been a lack of something to say really, that is until this week..and I just haven't taken the time to update.
On Wednesday I went in for the ultrasound and then to see the mid-wife. That was an interesting experience. They instructed that I have a quart of water on my way to the hospital. Yikes. That much in a 1/2 hour??? I went to the UW for the ultrasound, as the clinic works with the mid-wife program there.
We got me registered for a UW out patient card, then headed down to the radiology department. I didn't know they did the ultrasounds there...nor did I realize that its essentially an x-ray of the baby (hey, its my first, I dun know these things!). Someone had to direct us to that department as the clinic didn't tell me it was radiology. We checked in shortly after 11 am, which was the time of the appointment. After an hour of waiting (with a full bladder, mind you), Fenris got up and checked to see why we'd been waiting so long. Turns out that the hospital didn't have me scheduled until 3 pm. Uh...scuse me? Why was it so hard for the man who checked us in to say something about that? I would have corrected him then, instead of sitting around with a full bladder...which does become painful, even at this early stage.
After that, it didn't take long for someone to see us, thankfully! It was SO amazing to actually see the baby. They took measurements of his head, and various other body parts. I almost wanted to cry with seeing him. It was....yeah, amazing is the best word. And yes, we found out that we're having a boy :) Fenris is really happy about that..so much so that I didn't even get to tell my mom...he had called to tell her right after the ultrasound, heh.
The nurse, or whoever does the ultrasound at one point started 'tapping' my tummy...oh, my, God...what a freakin' sadist! I almost wanted to beg him to stop and tell him that I wasn't a masochist! Beating on my tummy, right over my bladder..... then he tells me, after a few 'taps', that he's 'tapping' to make the baby move. Buddy, I don't know what planet you're on....but, here, that ain't tapping!! I was tender the next day even..sheesh. Overall, though, it wasn't a bad experience.....and I read on the little information slip that when I'm 20 weeks along, I won't have to go in on a full bladder. Whew! Not that I'll have to go in for another one, but its good information to have anyway.
Oh, yes, and the reason I went in was to see how far along I am....well, they say 18 weeks and 4 days. Okay, that was as of Wednesday, so a bit further now, but yeah. And a boy...did I say I was going to have a son? *blinks* That's just...so....I don't know. Vast? Overwhelming? Something..but I can't think of the right word..the word that fits. I'm going to have a little boy....and I'm going to be 'mom' for the rest of my life.
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