May 5th, 2003

devil girl

I've been let out of my cage!

Yay!! I got out of the house tonight...just for the fun of it. I didn't have anywhere I *needed* to be (Yes, Thursdays are fun....but, I'm also needed there for a particular time slot). Fenris took me to dinner at Applebee's and then to see XMen2. If you haven't seen it...go! Its a good movie! It felt good to be out of the house...refreshing. And a cure for that general restless feeling I've had of late.
On other news....more doctor crap. I went to the hospital on Thursday for the hypertension clinic. My blood pressure was normal...naturally. I guess there were a few times I was in the 80's for blood pressure.And when I'd gone earlier in the week, it was in the 90's. Don't ask me to explain that, because I really can't. They told me the information, but I don't remember it very well...certainly not enough to give it here. This is the time in pregnancy where women can develop toximia or pre-something. I'll have to ask again, or see about getting it written down. Anyway, basically, it sounds like a partial break down of the liver. ~makes mental note to get more detailed information to post another night~ She mentioned, I guess if I do end up with it, I'll be in bed for the rest of the pregnancy. Urgh.
No medication yet, she wants to watch the blood pressure a bit longer. Which means, essentially, that instead of going to the doctor every 2 weeks, I'll go every week for a bit. *sigh* I hate doctors. They had me on a machine that reads heartbeat and blood pressure. I can say that I don't like blood pressure taken by a machine, that armband gets too tight. She had a little thing to listen to the heartbeat....much like an instrument used to listen to the baby's heartbeat, or do the ultrasound. I don't know the name of it..but you can hear the heartbeat as it brings a 'picture' up on the screen of the machine. Its waves that spike and dip, typical I think. She listened right near my heart, which was fine. Then she wanted to listen at the base of my throat. I think she bruised it....she had the little thing there for a good 15-20 minutes, pressing down hard on it. The spot she had was right at the base of the throat, in the hollow just below the adam's apple and right above the collar bone. It was really hard *not* to panic. Felt like I was being choked...a feeling I don't particularly care for.
Tonight, I have to do a 12 hour urine sample collection to go with this. I'm not sure what its used for. I started that at about 12:45, because we were out. This means that, at the moment, I have to drink lots of water....mrg. I go back to the hospital tomorrow to give the samples and do blood work. I don't have any blood left to give, damnit!