May 19th, 2003

devil girl

Projects and randomness

Currently, I feel accomplished. Once again, its the little things that keep me going. Had to be up early today to take Fenris into work - he has classes during the day until Wednesday. This afternoon is my doctor's appointment, so I have to have the car. I've been home almost an hour, and I've dropped him off and gone to the grocery store already. I've even had breakfast, and coffee...which has sent my blood sugar sky rocketing *sigh* I was hoping the walk through the grocery store would help with that. I may try and take another walk before I go into the doctor and see if that helps some. Which reminds me, I need to ask Kyros about his dance tapes...for those days when I just can't quite bring myself to go outside. Excersize is a good thing...I keep trying to tell myself this.
I have some projects in mind for the house...and I'm thinking I should write them down somewhere. A checklist sort of thing. First, the boxes so I can get the house 'together'. I can do that while inside..but on nice days, I want to tackle the garden. Which means that I have to figure out what I want to plant and where. I also have to figure out what gardening tools we have, if any. Maybe I'll see about a couple gardening books or something. When the baby is born, this will allow me to have him outside as well. I also want to get screens on the doors and windows so I can have them open on nice days. Its shaping up to be a beautiful spring, and I'm expecting it to last through at least part of the summer. Again, I need to make use of this totally motivated feeling :) Today, smaller projects are getting clothes put away and vacuuming.
Yesterday, Fenris took me shopping. We didn't get much, but did get some maternity stuff that was needed. Yay! I also got some new shoes :) Some slip on ones, backless tennis shoes and some closed toed sandal like ones. Very nice, and comfy. The tennie runners are cute - white canvas with blue butterflies embroidered on the side *grin* Just my style! They aren't real 'little girl' like either, which is nice to see. The sandals are just a plain dark brown....but, I like that I don't have to lace either pair up. Bending over is getting hard to do :P
We also managed to pick up an overnight bag for me to pack sometime in June for hospital stuff. Mine is getting old and falling apart - which means I'll probably use that for the upcoming class on Wicca. Its still good enough for that until I can get a backpack or something. The new bag is nice - it folds down into a neat little square that you can zip up and store easily. Its big too when you unfold it - very nice indeed. And cheap....a good combination!
I tried on the shorts that mom bought - instead of maternity stuff she went to the plus size stuff. She got 2 pairs of 3x shorts! They fit around the belly okay, with room to spare...but I felt like MC Hammer. Ya know....crotch to the knees. Blech. She's going to take those back and get some smaller ones, like maybe a 1x or something, and that should fit around the belly and not be terribly large in the legs and crotch. Hopefully. She also got me a couple t-shirts that are a nice shade of blue. She'll be embroidering stuff on it. I have to say that I like her new embroidery machine :) I looked through her patterns last night - she's been getting some free ones off an email list or two that she's on...and there's some pretty cool patterns. She had some dragons, Celtic and Aztec designs that were really nice. She even had some Faeries that I liked :) Wahoo.
Well, I'll write more later - probably when I get back from the doctors, or later tonight.
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