May 24th, 2003

devil girl

Diet frustrations

Alright, so this medication is messing up my diet entirely. I woke up this morning with a blood sugar level of 59 - which is too low. So, I have a quarter glass of milk, a thing of yogurt (which has sugar and was a good quick fix) and a bowl of cereal. Last time my sugar was so low, when I had about the same carbs, I was still shakey. I checked my blood an hour after eating, as I'm supposed to - and now its at 221. YIKES! I've had blood sugar that high the last couple days at various points, and its only since I've had the medication.
If I follow the diet strictly, my blood sugar drops well below what it should be. If I make adjustments in carbs and such to try and counteract that - it sky rockets. I don't know what to do anymore...and I'm so frustrated with this, that I want to just sit and cry. I just took my pill, so hopefully it won't be too long before my blood sugar drops again. *sigh* I go to the doctor on Tuesday, and I want to talk to them about this....but I'm afraid they'll put me on bedrest...or worse, in the hospital for the rest of the pregnancy.
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devil girl

Funky lil weather system...

I'm thinking its a good thing mom called to put off the bbq until Monday. In about an hour it went from sunny to thunderstorm. Its raining quite hard, and the thunder has been loud enough to scare my cat. Its a good spring rain though...not the dark, dreary rain we normally have.
Monday....will be a good day for a bbq :)