May 30th, 2003

devil girl

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How compatible with me are YOU?

I find it amusing that Fenris' ex-man is on here...and he's not......
devil girl

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Well, I feel at least a little accomplished. I have a load of laundry drying. I don't plan on doing more of that today, but I'll get the two baskets put away here in a bit. Fenris took the boxes in the dining room and put them in Pan's room, leaving one for me to unpack, per my request. This means, that the coffee machine is out..yay! I can have regular coffee now....phew!
It also means that I have to clean my corner sometime tonight, get the shelves put back on the desk properly and something on them so Bear can't get back there to make them fall and unplug the computer anymore. I have to empty the box from work, finally, and figure out what to do with the crap I had on my desk. I need to go through and get all the crap that's cluttering my desk and figure out what to do with it. *sigh* so much stuff, so little space. After all that, I have to at least sweep the floor so I can mop it tonight or tomorrow. I've been wanting to do that for awhile now, its driving me crazy.
And soon, I have plans to vacuum and steam clean the living room and bedroom too. I just have to get the living room picked up again *sigh* Eh least its not a huge project
devil girl

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I've added uberdaddybear to my friends list, because I like the idea of his daily writing assignment. Lately, I've felt like the journal is more or less useless. Oh, sure, it helps now that I go to the doctors every week, and I can keep people updated on that. But, I don't have much going on at the moment....and though I list some thoughts on things I want to do around the house, who wants to read what I've managed to clean? And, on that note, of yet today...its been nothing but clothes. Unmotivated once again.
I'm going to make myself some coffee, and return to do today's writing assignment :) I have a jar I should find too, which has some questions in it for journaling. It was given to my mother, but she doesn't use it. Not all of the questions apply to me, but perhaps I can ask them anyway, and see what kinds of responses are given. Hmmn. I'd ask my own, but I'm never good at asking questions that require actual thought in answering (well, thought for journaling style)...and I don't know where to 'find' them.
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devil girl

Now onto the assignment....

Ahhhhh. I'm all clean, and have a wonderful cup of coffee before me. A nice relaxing time indeed. Now, on to that writing assignment I mentioned :) In today's there are 3 questions, I will post each before my answer.

Name your 3 favorite songs

Hmn, this is a hard one for me. I don't really have any all-time favorites. Currently though, my favorites are "Bring me to Life" by Evenascence, The new one by 3 Doors Down (but I can't seem to remember the name of it at the moment...its the one dedicated to Military troops.) and Madonna's "Hollywood'. If you ask me again next week, at least one will change no doubt.

Name your favorite movie of all time

See, here's another hard one. You're asking me to choose *one* out of many favorites. I have 3 currently that top that list. Secret of Nimh has *always* been a favorite of mine. Jungle Book as well. And the newest is Ever After. All 3 are excellent movies. I have many more that are on my favorite list, but it would take me all day to list them :)

Name your favorite book. Oh yeah, and tell me why

These questions are harder than they look! This one though is a bit easier. The book is called Moonheart by Charles de Lint. As for the why, I don't know really. I read it about ten years ago..borrowed it off a former room mate and friend's book shelf under heavy recommendation, and I fell in love with it. I was deeply involved in the reading, to the point where everything else was shut out and I read *every* chance I got. When she moved, I lost the book (okay, well, she took it with her so I couldn't steal it), and I could never remember the author, though the story for some reason really stuck with me. I spent 10 years looking for the flippin' thing, and 2 years ago found it in Canada at a local book store in Victoria. I was soooo thrilled! Mind you, I still haven't read it again...I've started it, but it keeps getting put down with other things. I can't seem to get through it this time. Oh, its still very much an enjoyable book....but, since I've started on a Pagan path, many things are whapping me over the head }:) Evil. Maybe I enjoyed it so much back then because it made so much sense to me in a way I couldn't understand. The draw was irresistable, and I got so wrapped up in it. I'm beginning to think that was my first written introduction to the ways of a Pagan path. I'll get through it yet, but its just not the same
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