May 31st, 2003

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Project idea: Family webpage. Now I just need to know where I can put it, and then to actually work on it and tinker with it. I know nothing of making webpages, but I do have front page. This should be interesting, but fun. It'll also be a good way to let my family know what's going on. Or at least my he's in Kansas.
devil girl

(no subject), in a bout of being unable to sleep, I finally take the time to look up information on changing my lj. I'm reading the FAQ, which has links to override commands for background images. Unfortunately, none of them seem to be working. And now, I can't even *get* to lj. Frustration abounds.
I know there's a way to look at another's style code, but I've forgotten how. Anyone know? Please let me know if you do! I'd greatly appreciate it.
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Why doesn't any of this seem to be working? *sighs* I use the code as they give it, adding my variable where I'm supposed to, and it still comes out with the same exact image I had before, where it was. I want to move it to the left, and according to the FAQ, I should be able to do that. However, when I put the code in....nothing happens. I'm also trying to get it so its not repeating. Maybe I'm doing it's the code, in its entirety, maybe someone can correct it for me or explain to me why its not working?

body {
background-repeat:no repeat;

And here's the instructions. Maybe I'm just not understanding them well enough? HELP?!

LJ FAQ page
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Much accomplished today! Yes!
Fenris took me grocery shopping, so now I feel better about my choices of what to eat. We bought some stuff that will work for breakfast - quick and easy, low carbs and lots of protien. Oh, and the best part...I can toast and zap. Woo! We also got some sammich and snacky stuffs, and some sugar for those times when I'm low. Whew!
When we got home, he put up the scratching post in the corner. I got it all swept out, and tried to mop but the little pads we have aren't for the swifter and didn't stick well. Bah...still, it looks *much* cleaner now. And the cats love it! Yay! Even Bear is using least as long as he can play with Baldur. I have the cat bed next to it, only because they knock it off as the toy is attached. They love the toy, and I know that Bear uses the cat bed. Hopefully that will keep them occupied for awhile :)
I've got my corner cleaned up a bit. Decided to use the 'extra' tv dinner table next to my computer to put all the decorative stuff that I don't really have room for on my desk. Its a little messy at the moment, as some things still need shuffling around, but my computer desk looks *much* neater! I even took a clorox wipey to it. I managed to empty 2 boxes sitting here. Okay, one only had computer paper, but still :P The other had some kitchen things and stuff from my computer desk at the apartment. Fenris had a great idea of putting the 2nd shelf of my desk up on end so Bear can't get back there to unplug the puter. It also gives me more room for things like the paper and a binder and such. I managed to get the floor swept over here too, underneath the desk and all.....I think I swept up enough cat hair to knit myself another cat!
We managed (well, okay *he* managed) to get the stereo stuff that's been sitting on our floor all arranged and hooked up. We moved the cd rack into the dining room, behind the computers. So, now all I have to do is move the cds there, and we'll have some free shelving on the tv unit. The arrangement of the stuff has gotten it picked up off the living room floor and opened it up a little. Plus, we now have stereo tv...heh. Now all I have to do there is pick up the living room some, fix the couch, vacuum and steam clean. That'll wait until another day though...I'm bushed!
I still have one box in here to empty, the one from work, but I can do that tonight or tomorrow. Fenris needs to clean his desk, and then it'll look *so* much nicer in here. Once those are done, I'll sweep and mop again. We had some ideas on the problem of shelving. We're thinking that if we just get some wall units, we can line the walls and have space for knick knacks and books. We can put some up behind the recliner as well, giving us more room to put things. I'd like to get some stuff to hang the pictures with too. I'm tired of the 'naked' walls :P
On a last note, I managed to get laundry put away. Tomorrow, I'll do more. I've had enough...and I'm really quite proud of myself for getting so much accomplished today!
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More monkeying with my journal

Yep, I've monkeyed with it more. No more background pic for the moment. I want to get this into a paying account so I can customize better. Well, learn how to at any rate. I changed it because I can't seem to find a font I can read well with the pic. Once I can figure out how to get the pic over to the side, and a black background behind the text, I'll put the pic back....or maybe a new one. I have a few journal styles that I wanna copy, but can't remember how to get the style code *sigh* Meh...for now, this will do. I can read all my friends' journals without highlighting....yay!
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Uberdaddy's question for today...

Is all about phobias.

I have only one. One big, huge phobia. Spiders. All kinds....big, small, whatever. Its so intense that for a long time, I couldn't even breathe when I saw one. I'm getting better, I can at least breathe now. I can't do much more than that, but breathing is good :) I don't care what's done with the spider, as long as you get it out of my view. Kill it? Oh, no, not me...can't get that close to it of my own violition. And heaven help me if the thing is actually *on* me. I'll scream like a banshee....full panic mode is not pretty. And that's just the beginning, I'll end up a hysterical sobbing mess for a good 20 minutes, at least. Not to mention the nightmares that will cause. And the sickening feeling that its on me, long after its been killed or flung off. Wash it down the drain? Nope, no can do. At least, not if you expect me to actually get *in* the shower anytime soon. Irrational idea that its going to come back (don't laugh, I've seen them climb up the drain after you've just washed them down it.) ...or even more irrational, that it'll come through the shower head and land on me when I least expect it. Hey, phobias are *not* rational :P
I can pinpoint where I got this phobia, and even a little of why. As a child, I lived in Hawaii for some time. Anyone in a tropical place should be familiar with sugar cane spiders. Sure, they aren't *huge*...but, when I was little, they were monsters! Everyone told me they didn't bite...bullshit. I can't tell you how many times I've been bitten by those nasty buggers. And they're EVERYWHERE. You can't get rid of them, literally. And no, you can't drown them. I've tried, it doesn't work. They float. Or at least they did. I'm not joking. Not to mention that these spiders will *chase* you. Yes, that's right *chase*.
We lived in the old Japanese slave houses they used to have on the plantations. Its a duplex essentiall, bathroom on the back porch, old wooden tub in the basement. When you let out the water after a bath, invariably there'd be a spider there...floating ontop of the wood board we had for 'walking' across to where the clothes were. The water would flood the basement, so there was a shelf like bench that sat higher to keep clothes and towels and such dry. In the bathroom, one could often find black widows. Though, I was more frightened of the sugar cane spiders....they were far more agressive. Horrid, horrid creatures