June 3rd, 2003

devil girl

My first icon!

Be proud! I made this all on my own. Yay me! Its a little grainy I think, but not terribly bad. It says "have a nice day", but I can see that its too small, so I may go back and adjust that. Whatcha think? Huh? Huh? Huh?
devil girl

Parallels in life

Mistress Irony made herself known in such a subtle way yesterday.
In my Monday night class, our homework was to write a system of government for our group and by-laws. Primarily of how to change laws and get them in place, etc. However, part of this is also coming up with laws for the group to follow.
On IRC I have a friend starting a new roleplay chat channel. This, of course, requires rules about various aspects of roleplay. Guess who gets to help him? Yep, me.
At that point, I hadn't done the homework for the class yet, but I had noted that Irony was certainly trying to tell me something. Heh. I discovered that I'm not particularly good at coming up with the rules or laws..but I'm good at adding to them, or making changes to them. The chat channel thing was also deciding a form of 'government' ...ie, how the ops would handle conflicts and what not. Yep, I think I was hit with a clue x 4. Heh
devil girl


I'm out of Glyburide. I only need this to help control my blood sugar, right? The problem with being out is that they never gave me a refill on it, so I can't just call the pharmacy and have them fill it. The midwives clinic isn't open on the weekends, and I only had enough to get me through until Sunday. Not a huge crises, but still. So, I call in today and talk to the midwife on call. I tell her that I was prescribed the meds, how much and what they've upped it to. I also tell her that they only gave me a small supply but never allowed for a refill. So, after a good 10 minutes of debating which pharamcy to send it to (She hates calling the hospital pharmacy because its 15 minutes of hold and you're hung up on, so she has to call several times), we decide on Walgreens just down the street. I give her the number and everything, she tells me that she'll call it in as soon as we hang up. Okay, fine, whatever.
Later in the evening, as we're getting ready to go to class, I call up said Walgreen's to check on the prescription. I give them all the info - where it was called in from, what kind of meds, name, etc. Guess what? Yep, that's right. Never called in. The guy even checks the computer to see if maybe it had been called into a different store...okay, its possible. No such luck.
So, I called UW pharmacy thinking that maybe she decided to see if she could get through since I would have preferred that one anyway. We were going to be in the Seattle area, so it wasn't a big deal to pop by the hospital and pick up the meds. Talked to the pharmacist....nope, no new prescriptions for me, though they can see the refill on the test strips for my sugar machine. Well, peachy...cept that's not what I need at the moment.
So, tonight, I have gone without necessary medicine because it was too late to call the midwives and have them recall a pharmacy to have it done. GRRRRR. I have to explain this tomorrow at my appointment, and I can just hear the lecture now. Just fucking peachy.
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(no subject)

Went to the doctors at much too early this morning. Heh. This visit was actually really easy compared to others. They took me back to the NST first, and said everything was fine as far as they were concerned. I think they monitored for like a half hour or something. I was a little irritated with the nurse though - Fenris had stopped to get coffee. He wasn't back when they called me, and I told her that I had someone with me but they'd stopped for coffee and should be just a moment. She said, politely but that not quite right tone - that they could find me. Yeah, right...cuz its like a hotel ya know. You tell the front desk what room I'm in just in case anyone checks?
After that was the midwives. I explained about the glyburide, and so she wrote me up a perscription, with refills, just in case. Yay! I asked the midwife about tours and fake blood to caibrate my machine. The test blood was easier to find then we expected, the nurse wasn't sure where we'd get them. She also gave us a tour of the labor rooms. Very nice indeed - I like the tub. She said that partners can be in the tub with you, provided they have swimwear on ;) We didn't get to see where they move you to when you've given birth and everything's okay and calming down. It was an unofficial tour and she had an appointment, but said that we could do that next week. That will be very nice indeed. She also suggested that we watch a video there at the hospital since I haven't taken any classes or anything. I think we're going to to that Tuesday.
My blood sugar is all whacky today - running high. But, at least now I know why so I'm not so panicky about it. I was a little annoyed when it was 160 this morning and all I'd had was a sausage buscuit and water. I've taken the meds since I've had them, but I think it'll take a little bit to get it back in line. Also, I haven't been following the eating schedule like I should be either. I need to do better about that - that seemed to be helping some. Its just a pain to sleep around when I eat....oh well.