June 8th, 2003

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Shower meme

From wolfieboy

1. How are you going to educate your child while s/he is growing up?

I've given this a lot of thought, but have no clear answer to it. I'd like to have them homeschooled, but am unsure I could teach them myself or afford a tutor. It also depends on how he develops socially - I don't want him lacking there either. I'd love to have Pooh (Fenris' daughter) home schooled too, as I think she gets bored with public school, but thus far he's resisting the idea. I'm planning on lookiing a bit more into homeschooling - my cousin did it with her kids, but she didn't keep them active enough in the community, at least in my opinion. There's also the option of private school, but I fear that it'll be too expensive and overly Catholic for me. Still, I see no harm in either child learning the lessons of God, as long as they understand that they have a choice and that we'll support them in that choice.

2. How did you get involved in paganism?

I just sorta fell into it, I guess. I'd seen books for years, and had heard vague little rumors since I was a teenager and maybe even before that. But, it was always "I'll look into it later" kind of deal. Well, 'later' came about and I finally decided to buy some books. This was about 3-4 years ago or so. Shortly after I bought the books to just 'check it out', I met a lady online who was a High Priestess. I had to laugh, because all I could picture was that clue x 4 coming my way. I later met her in person, and subsequently, her High Priest who's now one of my best friends and teachers.

3. What significator do you usually use for yourself when you do a tarot reading? Why?

I don't usually. I never learned how to use a significator card. For the most part, I just do the lay out and let the cards pick themselves, so to speak. I've been told though that for someone my age, the Page/Princess would probably work....I can't remember which suit is usually for us fair haired folk though :)

4. What the hell are you going to do with an 8 year old?

HAHA! I wish I knew! I have a whole summer with which to keep her occupied. Fortunately for me, she likes doing crafty type stuff....so, I'll probably do some research and see what I can get her started with. I will probably also have help from mom, who's pretty crafty herself, and likes doing things with Pooh. We got her a little digital camera, so I'll probably find places to let her loose with that so that she can later scrapbook with mom and I. My cousin also has a ceramics shop in her home, so I can take Pooh up there and let her learn how to do ceramics if she's interested. As far as regular day to day type stuff when we're home....uh....I'll figure it out along the way?

5. Who, out of all of LJ, would you most like to meet in person and chat with, at length?

Well, ask me again sometime and it'll probably change. Currently, it's jeebietree. Primarily because he's such a nice guy, and seems like a lot of fun to be around. Of course, we *are* trying to convince him to head up this way (hint, hint, hint). It helps that the household in general likes him too }:)

Alright, so, as it stands...if you want to be interviewed, leave me a note in my comments. I'll do my best to come up with some good questions for ya!
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Table top roleplay - I get to be a vampire!

We are starting another campaign here at home. Tonight was spent doing character creation. So far, I like her, though I have to really flesh out her details and history. Kyros and Koram Dancer are willing to help, thankfully. I'm hoping this will push my creative limits :) I'm excited about doing the research for her. Granted, this may only last for a little bit, but I'm going to make use of it while I can. I've borrowed Kyros' book on timelines to begin. This means too, that I have to get into vampstory and reset it so that we can start afresh. I thought about doing a community for us that's out of character too - a place where we can bounce ideas and such off one another.
I'm hoping this will clear the writer's fog I've been having. Not a block exactly, as I have the ideas....just no cohesiveness to make the ideas form into more than idle musings. Mrrrr.
Mike was supposed to be over for this, but I don't think he realized it. He never showed, and we weren't able to reach him by phone. Hrrrm. But, we'll be gaming again soon - we've decided on every other week...barring prior plans and unforeseen events. I'm hoping this time I can keep up with the writing better than last time. Lots of things to keep me occupied during my day :)
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Whew! Four pages of information to gather on my character - and some NPCs. Yikes!! Still, if I remind myself to take it one step at a time, I should be able to get it all in fairly comprehensive detail. Yay me! At least now, I have an outline of what I need on who...and it may change, but that's okay too, I have a good starting place.
Now, I just need to check on creative writing classes at a college or somethin' ;)