June 9th, 2003

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Okay....I know what I want to do in the near future, if I'm able. I want to buy a lounge chair for outside, since its so nice and sunny out. I also want to get a battery for the laptop (I don't think we have one), so I can work on my character stuff outside on really nice days. It would be easier, I think, than having pens and paper out there, along with the books I need/want for research. Also, I love to read in the sunshine, but laying on a blanket at the moment is not a good idea. I want to be outdoors, damnit
devil girl

History lesson...

Anyone know any good information on where to locate history for around 1900 onward in Cordova, Spain? Online or book source would work fine. I can always get a library card. I'm stuck...and that's when my character was born, or around then. I need general history of the time - what would have been influential businesses, what general life was like, what general politics were like. Grr...I've tried looking at google, and either I'm not inputting the information correctly or something - the things I'm pulling up don't seem to match what I need.
I'd greatly appreciate resource refrences!
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What Dreams May Come
You are... What Dreams May Come - "I would go
to hell to find you."
Love, above all else, is important to you. When you
love someone, you really love them, and you'd
do anything for them. Sometimes that an get you
into trouble, but to you that isn't important;
what is important is is maintaining the levels
of caring and trust in a healthy relationship.
You little romantic, you.

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