June 12th, 2003

devil girl

Belated doctor's update

On Tuesday I had my usual doctor's appointment for the NST and the midwife. We saw the midwife first this time. It wasn't so bad really. She suggested that I write down what I'm eating when my blood sugar gets spiked. I think I can do that....I haven't had much luck remembering to keep track of every meal.
After that, I had the NST, which meant more rounds of questions. The nurse was kind enough to set up a video for us to watch since we haven't done any birthing classes. I kinda figure, my body will do what it does on its own when the time comes...and he's already been through this. The video looked like a 70's or 80's library reject...but, it had some good points to it. I just hope he remembers some of them...as it was mostly breathing and the partner helping to ease the pain and discomfort. I was a little disturbed by the end of the video though. They showed women actually giving birth. Yes, I know, I'll be doing that soon.....it doesn't mean I really want to *see* it.
I had remembered, belatedly that I had an appointment with the WIC counselor at North Seattle Clinic. On the way home, I gave them a call, thinking I could just swing by and pick up the WIC check. Apparently, I was scheduled to actually speak to someone. Mrrr. So much for that. So, we rescheduled for yesterday.
Yesterday, I went to the clinic. I showed up about an hour early. For some reason, I was thinking that my appointment was at 1 pm - but I guess it was at 1:30 pm. Eh well, no biggie. I got a bit of reading done, and while it was quiet, some napping done. The appointment went pretty smoothly over all. She, of course, asked about child birth education and suggested a few things such as a referral to a nurse here in Snohomish county to come out to the house. It was a nice idea, but I think I'm okay. I wish I'd had Fenris there to talk it over a little bit with though. Eh, I trust to nature to take care of it for the most part.